Hello, Stranger. Welcome to my life.

“I have to tell myself at least ten times a day that if you were meant for me then you’d simply still be here.”

—   Daily Tumblr Love Quotes (via lovequotesrus)

(via lovequotesrus)

“Minsan ka lang magmamahal eh. Lubusin mo na. Wag ka matakot masaktan. Ibigay mo lahat. Hindi dapat sefish sa pag-ibig”

—   (via matabangutak)

(via matabangutak)

“I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame shit that they do.”

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" I lost something that I have once in my life."

ten-word-story #11


" No one ever captured my heart like you did. "

ten-word-story #10

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